Providing sound solutions to glazing applications using our proven systems is a fundamental practice at Sotawall. Our strength is in  our ability to provide clients with curtain wall systems that mirror the intent of their design proposal. Aesthetic and performance requirements are carefully considered at every step of our internal design process. At Sotawall, we encourage free communication between designers, fabrication, assemblers and installers alike and all have been trained to accept only the highest standard of quality in their work. And because we facilitate the total design and production of our systems, we have complete control over the quality assurance of our products. Our strict design principles and firm belief in our systems enable us to offer performance warranties second to none in the industry.


HYBRID-WALL® was developed as an alternative to window wall systems. Window Wall systems are architecturally limited and lacking in long term performance. HYBRID-WALL® allows aesthetic flexibility by allowing for larger expanses of glazing, flush external appearance (capless) and a variety of features and infill materials. In addition, HYBRID-WALL® provides the exceptional weather and seismic performance of a pressure equalized, rain screened curtain wall.

HYBRID-WALL® is a 100% fully unitized and pre-glazed curtain wall system in performance and appearance with the important distinction of being installed between floors similar to a window wall system. HYBRID-WALL® is notched around the floor slab and allows the use of glass floor spandrels in lieu of slab edge metal panel covers. Because it is a true unitized curtain wall system, HYBRID-WALL® uses a horizontal expansion assembly incorporating silicone gaskets, making the typical sealant joints between floor slabs and window wall systems obsolete. HYBRID-WALL® also has fully integrated fixed and sliding anchors as part of the slab edge design, enabling ease of installation while allowing for construction slab tolerances and vertical live load movements between floor levels.

HYBRID-WALL® is a registered trademark of SOTAWALL Inc. in the U.S. and Canada.
U.S. Patent US 7,644,549 B2
Canadian Patent 2 510 989

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THERMO-3 Series


With increasing demand for energy efficient buildings, Sotawall is acutely aware of the critical role that building envelopes play in thermal performance. We strive to provide thermally improved design without compromise in aesthetics or cost competitiveness.

We have our systems independently tested using physical “hot box” and thermal cycling to provide more accurate assessments. Most recently, we developed and tested an improved “THERMO-3 SERIES”; a thermally superior unitized curtain wall system that has become our standard.

Sotawall uses ‘Therm 5.1‘ and related modeling software to evaluate the efficiency and compliance of our curtain wall systems to pertinent building codes, regulations and specifications.

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Research & Development

Sotawall is committed to excellence in our products and service. We strive to provide our clients with the most current and reliable technology available to suit their specified requirements.

Sotawall systems are based on the Rain Screen Principle, and are performance tested through independent labs for wind load, air infiltration, static and dynamic water infiltration and seismic drift. The integrity of our systems is supported by the use of stringent quality control methods employed from the fabrication and assembly process through to installation.

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