First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for continuing to keep things moving here at Sotawall at this time. Everyone has made a great effort at seamlessly transitioning to both working remotely and continuing to work in the office considering the unusual circumstances we are all experiencing.

Our operations have been affected, but we have been able to keep people working and paying bills, all while maintaining a relatively safe work environment. This will continue to require everyone’s awareness and effort.

We have actually made some good headway on projects currently in production and will be seeing a number of difficult projects coming to conclusion in the next couple of months.

Our next hurdle, with these obstructions, supplier interruptions, worker absence, etc, will be readying ourselves for the new upcoming projects.

I need everyone’s concerted efforts to make sure our new projects start-up without further delays, as it will create substantial gaps in our production and force us to lay-off production staff, who already have experienced some level of upheaval.

Please continue your hard work and stay safe, both at work and while away and we can all contribute to each others future.

Thank you,