25 Years Strong

Year by year, project by project and story by story, SOTAWALL has delivered unitized curtain wall systems with clear results. Each innovation has been engineered to push the category forward. Each detail has been fully considered and each project has been streamlined to fit precise needs. We don’t spend much time talking about ourselves because we don’t need to. Our work, and the experience of working with us, speaks for itself.

But with 25 years and a generation of transformed skylines in the rearview, it’s time to let the world in and celebrate our accomplishments. As the industry has grown, as the technology has improved, so have we. That’s why, on our 25th anniversary, we’re speaking not as Sota Glazing but as SOTAWALL, an evolution that’s a reflection of the changing industry we’ve helped define.


Rebranded as SOTAWALL INC. and amalgamated all operations at the new campus, 80 Van Kirk Drive, Brampton. Over 300 employees

The New Campus

The new SOTAWALL campus is the culmination of 25 years of design, development and dedicated work. Two existing facilities were creatively re-purposed over the course of a year for ourmanufacturing and administrative needs. The fabrication and assembly plants are laid out specifically to meet the requirements of our high volume, unitized curtain wall production with maximum efficiency of the workflow process from material receiving to finished product shipment.

Office areas have been designed to provide an organic interior with a highly inventive and modern façade. Using ambient light to all working areas combined with solar roof panels and a thermally improved, double exterior wall, we have achieved a contemporary working environment with responsible energy use. With over 300,000 ft2 of production and office space, we hope to meet the demands and expectations of our clientele for years to come.


Purchased 80 Van Kirk Drive.

Began planning New Campus facilities and amalgamation.


Patented our HYBRID-WALL® System


Opened 70 Van Kirk, Brampton
Assembly facility.

Introduced HYBRID-WALL®

Staff increased to 75 employees


Expanded to Drew Rd.
Fabrication facility.

Staff increased to 150 employees.


Opened 70 Van Kirk, Brampton
Assembly facility.

Introduced HYBRID-WALL®

Staff increased to 75 employees


Opened Lowry Rd, Brampton
Fabrication facility.

THERMO-3 System.


Millennium Series System launched.

Contract backlog almost 80%
offshore and US based.

Leading the Way

Innovation has always been a hallmark of SOTAWALL. From the very beginning, solutions that suit our clients’ needs have been developed through a collaborative engineering process with rigorous testing. Each project is an opportunity not only to continue refining existing technology but also to develop new technology as the industry demands it. Innovations such as our proprietary HYBRID-WALL® and THERMO-3 Series illustrate how, over the years, our R&D program has fostered game-changing shifts in the category. Today, we operate the most technologically advanced production facility in Canada, and we’re proud to continue to offer our leading edge services to clients across the globe.

All this would have not been possible without the support of our loyal customers and suppliers, sales representatives and system partners in the USA. But, most of all, I would thank our dedicated SOTAWALL staff who made this journey possible.

Juan A. Speck


Contract backlog doubled.

Staff increased to 35


First Shop expansion at
443 Railside Drive.

Staff increased to 20


First Project in the US -
Astra Chemical, Boston

Developed US partnerships.


Moved into 443 Railside Dr., Brampton in November

First high rise tower, Taipan Place, Philippines.

Staff of 10 employees.


First Offshore Project,
Suntec City, Singapore


Reincorporated as Sota Glazing Inc.


Company Founded as
Sota Glazing Systems Inc.
with a $10 million backlog.

Staff of 10 employees.