Crated frames are delivered to the site via truck in enclosed overland containers. Crates are removed from containers to a suitably sized loading dock for distribution to floor levels via the man/material lift or using the site tower crane to lift crates to an outrigger supplied by the General Contractor. Product delivery is scheduled in advance so as to not conflict with other work commitments by the tower crane.

Frame installation begins at the base of the facade, wrapping each floor level in a clock-wise installation. The installation duration for each floor level is tied to the concrete pour floor cycle of the project; typically one floor per week.  Just prior to each floor hang, delivered crates are opened and individual frames are laid horizontally on moveable dollies and marshalled to their location on the floor slab. Pre-install materials (exterior fins, etc) if required are attached to the frames while in this configuration.

A mobile hoist is located 2 to 3 floors above the “hang floor”. A hoist line is dropped and the frame is lifted out from the “hang floor”, rotated into position, locked to the adjacent mullion and slid down over the expansion horizontal head member. Final plumb and level adjustments are made and the frame anchor bracket is mechanically locked onto the embed/anchor assembly.

The unitized system is primarily dry sealed using silicone rubber air seal gaskets. When the panels interlock with the adjoining panels the bulb gasket seals tightly between the panels. At the four way intersection small amount of wet sealant is applied to join the four gaskets together and to ensure system performance.